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Ship Agency Services

QMP is one of the leading local ship agency with a long standing reputation for quality service. Services provided under shipping are :

Local Port Agency

Quick, accurate, detailed PDAs

Prompt communication

Efficient dispatch of cargo documents and D/As

Local knowledge on line-ups/special requirements

Understands your trade/cargo requirements

Funds handled locally

Comprehensive proprietary network


Local expertise to reduce cost

Efficient turnaround

Tailor made solutions to suit your needs

Global standards, locally implemented

Your own local office

Charterers Nominated Agency (CNA)

ISS offers a full agency service, covering all cargo requirements and documentation, inward and outward clearance, ordering of pilot, tugs, stevedores and other services for and on behalf of the Charterer, with the disbursement account being sent to the appointing party.

Owners Nominated Agency (ONA)

Similar in nature to the Charterers Nominated Agency (CNA) service but provided for and on behalf of the ship owner. ONA includes full agency services like CNA.

Owners Protecting Agency (OPA)

A full supervisory service to protect the Ship owner’s interests in monitoring and reviewing the Charterers’ agency function and overseeing all the port activities.

Owners Husbandry Agency (OHA)

A comprehensive Owners' Husbandry Agency service to ensure dry docking, repairs, spares and stores, crew matters, cash to Master and other Owners' husbandry requirements are met

Bunker Fuels

We ensure dependable, professional bunker supplies, our strong market relationships, trusted suppliers, reliable up-to-date information ensure that your deliveries are taken care of

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